Why you should consider maintenance and why you should choose Grass Roots Pond & Garden 



 Here we will explain what happens during a Grass Roots maintenance subscription, how much it costs, and what other exclusive benefits come along  



  After considering why and how Grass Roots can benefit you and your pond/water feature, you can decide for yourself if a maintenance subscription would be a good fit for you!  

How We Service

Water Test

We will use our meter and test strips to accurately determine what it is your pond needs and when it needs it. Even if you don't want to sign on for maintenance, don't forget about free in house water testing!

Pond Servicing

To keep all equipment functioning properly, we will make it a point to check pump intakes and skimmer baskets/nets and clean as needed. We will net debris and cut back dead plant material that was on location at arrival and dispose of it. We can also adjust and service UV and Bead Filter systems when applicable.

Water Treatment

All fundamental water treatments will be provided and added by us. These fundamentals will cover your pH, buffer, salt, nitrate, and nitrite levels (ammonia if applicable). 4 gallons of live bacteria added every week!

Keep You Up-To-Date

An updated pond condition sheet will be left with you or sent via email every week to make sure you know your pond is being taken care of

How It Works

Different Ways To Pay

Pay weekly, monthly, or annually. HUGE discounts for monthly and annual subscribers! Monthly and annual subscribers must have Grass Roots open/clean their pond or water feature.

Huge Discounts?

Free product delivery to our monthly and annual subscribers (fish and plants included). Not only will the product be brought to you, it will be marked down 10% of in store price (not including fish)! On top of these added benefits, never having to buy or add bacteria, barley, salt, pH-, or buffer up ever again is a HUGE advantage.

Pond Cleanings

During a Grass Roots cleaning, we will completely empty the system, hold fish and plants in aerated tanks, rinse and power wash stone and liner, vacuum sludge and debris, place plants, pumps, etc., fill up the system with new tap water and treat it until it's safe to release fish, clean up our mess and leave. Depending on the size of the system, a cleaning can take anywhere from 2 hours-4 hours and sometimes longer.

We only perform monthly and annual maintenance on ponds we cleaned and started for the season. Reason being: starting fresh makes keeping a beautiful environment for you and the pond life much more manageable, if Grass Roots doesn't do the pond cleaning, it is then much harder for us to ensure you a quality product.

How Much Is A Pond Cleaning

Pond cleanings can vary drastically from one to the other. For a quote, attach current pictures of the pond or water feature and fill out this form. We need to know exactly what we are getting into to be fair and able to accurately quote you. 

Information Required On Form Includes: Pond Location, Dimensions (Length, Width, Depth), Bare or Gravel Bottom, Estimated Fish Load, and include any other equipment you know of.  ex. (skimmer, 2 pumps, waterfall filter)

Keep In Mind

A Grass Roots service call is usually $150. Which guarantees 1 hour of our time at your location and NO materials are used or added to better the pond (in some cases it is obvious and simple). With a maintenance plan, your pond gets pH adjustments, bacteria addition, and so much more. For these reasons our weekly, monthly, and annual plans are a HUGE discount

How to Pay

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