Why you should consider maintenance and why you should choose Grass Roots Pond & Garden 



 Here we will explain what happens during a Grass Roots maintenance subscription, how much it costs, and what other exclusive benefits come along 



 After considering why and how Grass Roots can benefit you and your pond/water feature, you can decide for yourself if a maintenance subscription would be a good fit for you! 

Water Quality

Keeping your pond water in "party ready" condition year round can be quite the chore. Forget about it! Let us help you keep your pond water looking great for you and feeling great for your aquatic life.

Proper Function

Utilizing the equipment a pond has, regular check-ups to equipment, and maintenance on equipment will help keep a system working properly for longer and more efficiently.

Hands On - Hands Off

You can leave it all to us or help yourself. However, if you decide for us to service your pond or water garden, the only thing you should HAVE to do is feed the fish! (unless you want us to)


With 45 years of business, our long term experience in building, repairing, and servicing water features along with our extensive knowledge of water chemistry and keeping fish and plants in ponds, proves we are qualified to maintain yours.


We stress quality of your pond just as we would our own. We want to see your ecosystem flourish, just as much as you do! We will do what it takes to leave you satisfied, give you great service, and an outstanding product.


Along with decades of pond experience, came years of testing and understanding  what works and what DOESN'T! We are updated with what products, equipment, and techniques work for certain applications. Less wondering, more working.