Backyard Pond Installation for Ann Arbor, MI

Nature is one of the best places to go and relax, but if you live in a suburb or city, you may not have many opportunities to go out into the peaceful outdoors. Luckily, Grass Roots Pond & Garden offers backyard pond installation for homes in and around Ann Arbor, MI, so you can have a slice of natural beauty right outside your back door. Call us today to learn about our pond services.

Why Choose Pond Installation?

You may wonder why a pond is worth it. Well, when you hire us for pond installation, you get more than simply a place to sit. You’ll experience different benefits, including:

  • Calm environment: A pond is a perfect way to create a beautiful and peaceful backyard. Water features in your yard can promote relaxation, and if you choose a koi pond, you can enjoy feeding the fish.
  • Wildlife haven: You can use your pond to help the local wildlife. If urbanization has destroyed the natural habitat of creatures like birds, frogs, or small mammals in your area, your pond can become their new home.
  • Child-friendly area: A lot of kids have fun playing in the local pond with fish nets or butterfly nets. With your own pond, you have a great way to get your kids outside to have fun.
  • Valuable property: When we install a pond in your backyard, your property will increase in value.

A pond is a great addition to any property, and we’re happy to provide a pond of the highest quality.

Why Choose Grass Roots Pond & Garden?

We’ve been family-owned and -operated since 1973, so we have over 40 years of experience helping the residents of New Boston and Ann Arbor, MI, with their landscaping needs. Our professional team doesn’t just install ponds; we can maintain your pond and shut it down for fall as well. We also offer landscaping, free water tests, and specialized spring cleaning for your pond.

If you want a beautiful pond or need any other landscaping services, give us a call at (734) 753-9200.