Who Are We?

 Since 1973 Grass Roots has been family owned and operated. Starting as a tree and shrub nursery, we landscaped our way around South East Michigan. It wasn't until the 80's that we realized the missing piece in landscaping was the sound of moving water. Although we have switched our focus to "waterscaping", we still use our decades of landscaping experience to completely overhaul the yards and homes we service.  


What Do We Do?

Pond Supplies


Grass Roots truly is your one stop pond shop. We carry everything from liner and underlayment to pumps, plumbing, skimmers and filters. Along with the basics, we house the largest aquatic plant selection in the area, many varieties of koi, other pond fish, and critters.



For over 30 years Grass Roots has been designing and installing water features all around the Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio areas. Don't forget about our roots, landscaping! 

Aquatic Plants


Home of 2 greenhouses and many outdoor troughs, Grass Roots offers the largest aquatic plant selection in the area. We house dozens of hardy water lily varieties, lotus, other hardy bog plants, tropical water lilies, and a whole host of interesting tropical plants sure to brighten up your pond or barrel garden.



We have a wide array of koi and butterfly koi available in all sizes, patterns and colors. Along with the classic koi fish, we are home to comets, shubunkins, fantails, rosie red minnows, tadpoles, crayfish, and snails! Call us for availability 



Are you a pond owner? Do you hate messing around water chemistry? Just can't seem to get that green water to turn crystal clear? If you are having troubles keeping your pond in party ready condition throughout the season, we may be a great fit for you. Learn about our pond maintenance here or give us a call or message us on facebook.

Other Services


Other services include: pond cleanings/openings, pond closings, pond/waterfall repair, free in house water testing, estimates, and pond side consultations 

Why Us?

 Here at Grass Roots, we aim to deliver a truly unique experience that includes personable customer service, a welcoming environment, and plenty to look at. While you admire our water features, koi, fairy garden supplies, and home grown aquatic plants, we strive to make your visit with us an experience; not just a shopping trip! Outside of our brick and mortar location, we seek to create scenic views and wonderful sounds to add to "staycation" destinations all around South East Michigan and Northern Ohio. 

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              Losing the road noise and gaining tranquility, you almost forget you're in Detroit City